Have An Execution Board



Hi buddies, how’s the new year coming by? I hope you are making little progress by the day?

I had a brief discussion with a friend two days ago and this is as a result of the discussion. As an experienced writer and an attentive leader, I’ve heard folks complain about their inability to distil their amazing visions and goals into something meaningful(results).

After having an attractive vision board why not consider having an easily interpret-able execution board. Please don’t get confused, i will explain myself (*laugh).

By having an execution board I mean, a board or a pad where you clearly state(step by step) what you need to put in place to make that gigantic dream a reality. It helps you understand what’s achievable and what’s not. It contains the circle of influence you need to consciously build, location you need to be per time, fund you need to raise, challenges that may arise and even the call to make.

It’s PRACTICAL. I call it the realistic zone. So now let’s go practical, you have a vision to build a comfortable apartment for you parent. In your execution board, firstly you must state why you want to do that,fund that will be needed to do that,contractors and everything needed to set up a building.

Do you understand the picture now. Most of our vision will only exist on the vision board if we don’t crystallise them down, taking note of challenges that may arise and how to tackle them. Ohh!! I forgot to add, your execution board must be handy(can be moved from one place to another). So in extension to your vision board,dear friend. Develop an execution board and take deliberate action afterwards. I celebrate your greatness. Make your vision plain and Live intentional. Stella Iwuajoku(@stellaNwrites)

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