Lady narrates how she escaped death


Lady narrates how she escaped death. She appreciates all who stood by her, prayed for her as she is recuperating.

Grateful beyond words…

It was just about 15 hours to the new year, 8 days ago that the enemy tried his last minute trick to stop me from entering the new year or at least not without being maimed.

I cannot explain till now what exactly happened. All I can remember is the maddening spin and then the loud thuds of the car somersaulting severally. Then silence and then wails.


I tried to open my eyes unsuccessfully. Thick liquid trickled down my face and then gnashing pains on my left side.

“Iyawo mi! Iyawo mi da?” my husband’s screams brought me back to consciousness and I managed to crawl out of the window of the vehicle.

I was faint but ALIVE, at least for the moment.

Loss of memory, CT scans, Ultra sounds, wheel chairs, hospital admissions, IVs, injections, faintness but ALIVE.

“No intracranial collection present in the intra-axial or extra-axial regions. No mass lesion present… the intracranial ventricles including the 3rd and 4th ventricles, and the suprasellar/quadigeminal cisterns are normal sized with no effacements present…” the results said.

Oluwa seun. Omi o danu, agbe o fo. Oluwa seun.

Hours later saw me in the surgery theatre. Sutures passing over my numb eyelids and forehead.

“This is awesome,” the Optamologist kept muttering. No broken cornea nor damaged iris.

These words kept me thankful hours later as my head kept pounding.


Emi ko le sai sope f’ore t’Olorun se fun mi, emi ko le sai sope.

I am here today because God kept me… I’m alive today only because of His grace.

I’m grateful to everyone who missed and checked on me. I thank all the friends that stuck closer than a brother.
Thanks for your calls and messages.

I deeply appreciate you Boss Steve Harris and the entire MBT team especially Queen RonkePosh Adeniyi, Lamide Johnson, Lara Kudayisi-Emeralds, Temitope Kolade Olajide, Chidindu Mmadu-Okoli, Ozidu Jll Lois,Omotayo Atinuke Junaid, Adeola Oshinaike, Femmy Banks, Rotimi Leigh,Chika Ilang, Dr Princess Olufemi-Kayode, Christianah Abosede Akindolie,Temi Runsh, Okemini Otum, and Knitstrings

Thank you Samuel Obafemi.

Thank you all for keeping me in your prayers and checking on me daily.
May God bless you.

I’m well and getting better. My husband came out without a scratch.

My 2017 is so bright and my vision so sharp, I can see right through the gauze!

Glory to God.



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