Mentally unstable man brutalises son


Mentally unstable father brutalises son!!

This night, I saw a filtered message that was sent almost a few hours ago. The following chat tells the entire story. The picture of the victim is shown below:
Conversation started Wednesday

1/10, 12:00pm
Good morning Sir. I am a member of the DPA Group on Facebook but not a registered member. I follow the group closely and I’m impressed with the great work you are doing. Please I have an issue that I hope you can help with.

I am presently in my husband’s village, in Imo State. This morning I woke up to some noise at the gate, I went out , my husband and mother in law were outside. My mother in law was holding a little boy called Chinaecherem Ukomadu of between 5 to 7 years of age. She called me to come closer and look at what the boy’s father did to him. (Find pictures below)

According to people in the village the boy’s father is mentally unstable and the sister chased his wife away and collected the boy from her when the boy was just 4 months old. She later came and dumped the boy sometime ago claiming the boy was too stubborn. According to the people, the boy has been subjected to maltreatment of various forms, from going without food to sleeping outside to severe beating and what have you.

Last night when the boy had finished playing with the other kids, he went home but the father refused him entrance. He kept knocking then decided to go to one of the families around, he was ignored so he went back, the father then allowed him in, gave him the beating of his life and hit him with a rode on the mouth. He was screaming and crying and bleeding. Of course again he slept in the cold outside, as at when I saw him, he had blood dried up all over his body. I could barely look at him without shivering. My husband, mother in law and everyone was in shock.

Long story cut short: my husband took the boy in the car and together with his cousin who knew the whereabouts of the boy’s father’s sister we went to pick up the sister in I think the next village from where we proceeded to take the boy to FMC Owerri. While driving there we could barely contain ourselves. My husband had to caution me severally because the sister to the boy’s father was saying annoying things. While the people in the boy’s father’s village were saying that she chased the boy’s mother away and collected the boy at four months, she was busy saying the mother abandoned the boy and she raised the boy that we don’t know the boy, the boy is a devil, the boy is wicked, nobody can live with the boy, the boy is this, the boy is that. People this is a boy of less than 7 years. Despite telling her that the boy is just been a child and also reacting to the harshness from those around him, she still kept insisting that the little boy is a devil.

Anyway, we have taken him to the hospital. They have cleaned him up but the team to carry out the surgery is yet to arrive. The boy is traumatised, he has lost lots of blood, he’s in shock and I still insist he’s just a child who’s been brutalized and denied love all his life.
As of now my husband’s major concern is not the bills but where does the boy go to after the treatment. My husband’s cousin is saying that the father’s sister will take him but my concern is that is whether it is this woman who says this child is a devil that should take him. Its her that raised him in a wicked manner in the first place. The boy cannot go back to his insane father. We may say what of the mother but that I don’t know much about.

Also, is there no law against such a thing. Can the law not force the father’s sister to take the father to a psychiatric hospital because that had been suggested but she refused and instead put a child under his care. Also are there organizations that can take care of this child?

I believe she tried to turn that child into a slave.
Thank you Sir.

2:55amYou accepted request.

Emeka Ugwuonye
The child must be rescued immediately. First step is for the boy to be taken to the hospital for treatment. (DPA will pay the bills, if need be). The second step is for the police to arrest the father of the boy. Once these happen, DPA will determine how to follow up. The bottomline is that the boy and any other child under the mad man’s control will be rescued. The state has a responsibility to do so and DPA will pressure the state to do so.

Thank you for initiating this intervention. I shall be waiting for your close updates. Let us know all you need immediately by way of material and legal support.
NOTE: Children are actually the number priority for DPA in terms of interventions for their protection. Then the next on our list of priority are women facing oppression either in their homes or outside their homes. The next after women are poor people generally who face oppression of any kind. The next are citizens facing unjust arrest and detention or intimidation by the police or law enforcement. Then come communities and groups who face oppression in the hands of more powerful individual or another group. So, this is an important case for us.

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