Dear woman, you’re powerful beyond measure – Linda Ikeji


Linda Ikeji drops some pieces of advice for young ladies…

The popular blogger and entrepreneur Linda Ikeji took to YouTube to advise young girls/ladies on the importance of working to attain financial freedom on your own than given oneself to a man for money. Whatever anybody set their mind to they can achieve.

linda ikeji
linda ikeji

She said, ‘I bought a house of N750M last two years, and recently acquired a car of 70M. something young ladies run after men for. I have never for once slept with any man for  money and have never considered that.

She purports that women can do almost the same thing a man can do, the difference there is that women do theirs on heels.

According to her, most of the problem women face is due to the fact that they don’t believe in themselves. They underestimate their self and their value.

Life wasn’t all rosy for her as she recounts efforts she made to succeed in life but failed. The issue wasn’t the number of failures but the strength to always rise even after the fall.

She admonished ladies to make use of their head as their is something spectacular God has put in there.


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